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What can I expect from my in-home consultation?

Attics of My Life has an intentional and effective system for conducting estate sales. A member of our team will meet with you to determine if we are the best fit for your needs and explain what is included with a confirmed sale agreement. At the same time, we will evaluate your goals and let you know if we can accomplish them within our company's framework. Once our partnership is established, we will explain our next steps in preparing for the sale.

Should I conduct my own sale?

A successful sale doesn't "just happen." It takes a considerable amount of time to organize. It requires a wide range of knowledgeable, experienced, and hardworking personnel who place attention and detail on every item from pricing to set up. We have seen what happens when an individual, friend, or family member conducts a sale themselves. Too often, the valuable items are sold at "give away prices" and the less valuable items are priced too high. This results in a home that is depleted of its valuable resources and left with the more common, everyday items that must be donated or given away. The result is far less money than we can earn for you! You never get a second chance to sell estate property. Make sure it is done right the first time. Selling family heirlooms and memories can be very difficult to detach from.

What should I throw away and what should I keep?

Do not throw anything away until you have talked with us.  The old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is true.  Practically everything has some value, and we can find a buyer for almost anything.

What do I have to do to help?

We ask that you remove any item from the property you do not want to sell, if possible. Other than that, you do not have to do anything except tell us what you want to sell and accept our check for the final settlement. We do all the work and we handle all the details!

How am I sure my items are secure?

We lock small valuable items in locked display cases. Large valuable items are placed where they are easy to monitor and safeguard.

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